Sex Work, Money And The Law: In South Africa The Rands in Your Pocket Could Land You in Jail

Where did you get your last R100 note? Where did you spend it? Do you know the journey of where your money came from, and where it goes?

Our money connects us in more ways than we think. Sometimes it connects us, but sometimes it is used against us. This is the case for sex workers in South Africa, which is why Sex Workers Advocacy Taskforce (S.W.E.A.T) is committed to decriminalising sex work as well as updating some of the archaic laws used to discriminate against sex workers.

Find out how looking at the laws around our money affect sex workers, and how the line between your money and sex work money is more blurred than you think!

For more information visit to find out more about SWEAT, and read more about the Sexual Offences Act at…

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