New Security Application For Sex Workers

A trip and interactions with sex workers in Nairobi has inspired the development of a security application that could help save many from danger especially in Africa where cases of violence have increased.

The application known as Artemis’ Umbrella, makes it possible for sex workers to alert their friends when they are in trouble.

With this application, it is possible to alert a  friend if something like a customer meeting goes wrong and needs help. The alarm can be triggered via the alarm button or via the timer (the alarm will be triggered if the function is not shut down in time). Both alerts will also include the person’s location information. The application, which was made through the help of sex workers is free, anonymous and can be used without holding the phone.

The App has been developed by a charity organisation in Finland, whose chair and also a member of the country’s Parliament is the brain behind the innovation.

Anna Kontula says the idea came to her two years ago when she visited Kenya and realised sex workers were vulnerable and exposed to threats.

The app is available in English and Finnish at the moment, and can be downloaded free of charge from

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