Message From ASWA’s Executive Director and Board Co-chairs

ASWA Executive Director, Daughtie Ogutu and ASWA Board Co-chairs, Modeste Mambo and Beyonce Karungi have issued a joint communiqué highlighting the progress made towards resolving the current governance issues facing the organisation.

In a meeting held recently at the ASWA offices in Nairobi with advice from two consultants tasked with guiding the organisation navigate through the current challenges, they also reiterated their commitment to working closely to ensure the ASWA remains a strong and sustainable Pan African Movement.

During the meeting, it was agreed that a major step towards strengthening the current governance and leadership of ASWA is to put in place an Interim Caretaker Committee (ICC) comprising of representatives from member organisations in Africa.

The ICC will be selected through a nomination process. The team will work jointly with the two co-chairs to steer ASWA forward for the next three months and also ensure there is a pan African Board of Directors election by January 2019.

Attached is the joint statement by ASWA Executive Director and Board Co-chairs. Also attached is the nomination process for the Interim Caretaker Committee.

ASWA JOINT Board and ED Statement-ENGLISH

ASWA JOINT Board and ED Statement-FRENCH

Selection criteria and TOR for members of ASWA ICC -ENGLISH

Selection criteria and TOR for members of ASWA ICC-FRENCH

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