Eswatini: Voice of our Voices Executive Director Lungile Khumalo

  • Kindly tell us who you are in the most comfortable way.

I am one of the community member, safer sex expert and practitioner who is truly having passion on the movement building.

I am one of the community member, leader, game changer, who always long for change to take shape in communities.

  • What motivated you to engage in sex work project

My motivation came in when I wanted to see myself, people of my community free, able to help themselves. I wanted to emancipate all women from the norms, mental slavery of this world whose choices matter most than others thoughts. Most of all I wanted my fellow colleagues to  make our health  and rights a priority .I wished for every sex worker to experience justice as injustice  is the most threat for marginalized population. Other motivation is that it may seem hard to be a sex worker in the eyes of others but for me it’s an expression of freedom, where I decided to make a choice to engage  positive thinking and attitude and  to dispel the negative connotations around the movement.

  • What are your strengths and how do you use them to build the sex workers movement?

My strength is influencing communities to stand up for themselves, ensure that their voices are heard and they have impact in  their own countries, which helps me to be accountable to the population I serve.

I have leadership skills, that led to the birth of Voice of Our Voices, I am passionate to make a difference into people‘s lives and ensuring that all activities are programed by  and for our targeted  marginalized sex workers community. I am a focused person with a determination, able to listen attentively when people speak. I have skills on pushing a vision that led to expected outcome, through developing strategies that can enhance positive results.

  • What are your personal gaps, and how do you fill them and still use that to build the sex workers movement?

As I am human, I have my weakness, I quickly get  emotional and at some point hastily and immaturely makes  a decision which is not effective especially when I see it won’t make me reach were I want to be. I manage my emotions by counselling myself,  and also take courage to start all over again until I’m stable emotionally.

  • How do you want the sex workers, sex work and sex work projects to look like in the future?

I want sex workers to take a lead in the sex workers projects, gain more capacity for projects design, implementation and monitoring/evaluation  to sustain gains of sex worker’s projects, as we are here to stay. I wish sex workers that they may come together for the purpose of owning one big projects/programs that can leave a legacy behind societies e.g. having a sex workers bank, where all their need can be catered  for and be able to work under no vulnerable situation. I believe sex workers can affiliate with many bodies e.g. cooperates, companies, as they will have the  capacity, knowledge how to market and to negotiate with the influential governments officials as Sex work is an essential need for most people. And finally Sex work to be seen as work.

  • What is your message for both the sex workers and sex work leaders who have newly entered in the field of sex work?

The message to our community ‘we are here to stay, lets unite for better development of our movements. Message for the  Sex worker’s leaders ‘’ALUTA CONTINUA’’ meaning the struggle continues and giving up is not a solution.

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