British soldier to be deported to Kenya and prosecuted for the murder of young sex worker in 2012

Sex workers in Majengo estate in Nanyuki town, Laikipia county in Kenya took to the streets to protest the alleged killing of Agnes Wanjiru, 21, by a British soldier in 2012.

Maryanne Wangui a sex worker and the director of ASWA member-a sex workers-led organisation known as Laikipia Peer Educators (LAPEED) based in Nanyuki Kenya condemned the brutal murder of Wanjiru and urged the government to take action against the suspect. “We are here to fight for our rights. We hope the government will take up the matter on behalf of Wanjiru’s family,” she said.

Wangui added that sex workers suffer discrimination and urged people to respect their rights.

“Most of us are breadwinners in our families. We urge the government to uphold our rights since we face a lot of challenges in the course of our duty,” she added.

Safina Wamuyu, another sex worker, urged the British Government to care for Wanjiru’s child. “The family is not financially stable. We urge the British Government to help cater for the child’s needs,” Wamuyu said.

Wanjiru’s family is optimistic that justice will prevail. The deceased’s elder sister, Rose Wanjiku, said the family has never received any feedback from the Kenyan nor British governments over the murder.

Agnes Wanjiru alias ‘shiro’ a young sex worker in Nanyuki Kenya, was allegedly murdered by a British soldier in Nanyuki lions court hotel in March 2012 leaving a five-month-old baby girl when she died.

Her family came out and said that efforts to get justice and have the soldier questioned for his mistake had remained unfruitful for nine years.

The family said that it hoped that one day the matter would be settled and the culprit arrested for stabbing their kin before dumping her body inside a septic tank.

“Her case had been completely overlooked. From the first day, we reported the case at the police station they never did anything until when the body was retrieved from the septic tank,” Her sister Wanyua said.

The British soldier who is part of the British army training unit in Kenya (BATUK) who allegedly killed Agnes Wanjiru admitted to committing the offense.

The officer who committed the crime was heard bragging about how he ended the life of the lady and dumped her lifeless body inside a septic tank at the hotel.

Wanjiru’s body was found inside the septic tank by a worker at the hotel, two months after she was reported missing.

Maryanne Wangui the director of sex workers-led organisation Laikipia Peer Educators (LAPEED) in Kenya said that a delegation that includes LAPEED Lawyer will be sent to the UK to facilitate the deportation of the British soldier to Kenya who will then be prosecuted for the murder of the young sex worker. She breathed a sigh of relief and announced that finally after a long struggle she was glad that progress was being made and that justice is being served.

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