ASWA has a new strategic framework. All the inputs during the virtual strategic planning meetings were valuable and were incorporated into the framework. We thank all who participated in the development of the framework.

The French and​ Portuguese versions will be shared later.

Overview of the strategic framework 

Strategic Goal 

A strong, resilient and visible sex-worker led continental movement that is transformative and responsive to the lived realities of all sex workers in Africa. 

Strategic Objective 1 

To enhance the skills, abilities, and knowledge of individual sex workers to allow them to be change agents at local, regional, and continental level. 

Strategic Objective 2 

To enhance the effectiveness of sex worker groups/organizing structures and institutions that are responsive to the lived realities of sex workers. 

 Strategic Objective 3 

To foster and nurture linkages between regional sex worker networks to proactively advocate for and promote the dignity and rights of sex workers in Africa and globally. 

Strategic Objective 4 

To strengthen the capacity for an adaptive and responsive coordinating mechanism for the realization of sex worker rights in Africa.

Find the strategic framework here

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