Sex Worker Academy Africa (SWAA) Profile: Meet Faculty Member Joyce Adhiambo who calls for SWAA core fund

                                       Sex Worker Academy Africa (SWAA) Faculty Profiling

                                                               Interview questions

          (In this interview, the SWAA Faculty talks about their life, work and activism)

What is your name and the name of your organisation? What is your current position?     

My name is Joyce Adhiambo a sex worker living with HIV, I am the Leader at Positive Health and Dignity Prevention Champions. (PHDP)   

When and how did your organisation get involved with SWAA?

PHDP Champions and SWOP Ambassadors have had a close working relationship since their inception. The two have worked closely for a united front. In 2017, we applied to the academy and I was among those that were selected to attend the SWAA

When did you attend the Sex Workers Academy Africa (SWAA)? What is the impact of your attendance in advocacy and sex work movement building?

I first got the chance to attend SWAA as a participant in 2017. I can confidently say that the academy built my capacity as a sex worker leader since how my group was then is not the same as it is today. We have been able to reach out to more sex workers living with HIV.

I have also been able to represent sex workers living with HIV at the national level and international levels examples being in the links below

How long have you been a faculty member? 

I have been a faculty member since 2020

After being involved in SWAA, what are the priority areas that you are working on? Tell us a bit about your activism/work specifically.

I have been working to build the capacities of sex workers living with HIV. I also have been doing media advocacy on behalf of sex workers living with HIV. I have championed together with others to demand the release of ARVs and condoms.

As a faculty member, what were the biggest challenges you have worked on in the past?

The challenge I faced was aligning participants in a very diverse group and also managing participation levels: to balance the engagement of introverted participants or those who take longer to process information and those who are extroverted.

What do you think is the biggest challenge for SWAA? What do you think should be done to solve the challenge?

The biggest challenge faced by Sex Workers Academy Africa (SWAA) is the lack of long-term core funding to conduct the academy continuously. I call on governments, multi-lateral and bilateral donors, civil societies, and other humanitarian agencies to support SWAA.

How do you want SWAA to look like in the future?

I would commend that SWAA participants should be drawn from all ASWA member organizations in all the 35 countries including the new organisations.

What is your message for both the sex workers and sex work leaders concerning SWAA?

Together we can forge a better future for sex workers. Sex work is work

Any more information you would like to add?

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