ASWA marks 2022 Labour Day by appreciating the honorable sex workers’ labour which builds the economy and calling for an end to laws against sex work and recognition of sex work as labour

We join others across the globe to observe International Labour Day, also known as Worker’s Day which is observed annually on May 1. The main aim of the day is meant to honour workers’ rights, create awareness about labour rights and to recognise hard work of all workers. International Worker’s Day has its origins in the labour union movement.

African Sex Workers Alliance (ASWA) marks International Worker’s Day by appreciating the dedication and hard work of sex workers. We honor the workforce of sex workers in Africa since sex workers strive hard in life to make it worthwhile.

The countries in Africa will not be able to shine economically without sex workers. African economy continues to grow because of sex workers’ labour efforts.

ASWA is sending our appreciation and respect to sex workers even as we celebrate each other and share happiness. We write to let everyone know how much effort sex workers laborers put into the economy. Sex workers’ labour is among the labour that runs the economy in Africa.

We acknowledge sex workers for being valuable assets, for their sacrifices and celebrate them for their contributions and working tirelessly every day to make the world a better place including providing food to their families, paying fees among others.

We wish all honorable sex workers laborers a happy worker’s Day. Sex workers deserve good treatment, not just today, but every day!

To all sex workers in Africa and also to the workers who serve sex workers including healthcare workers, we humbly thank you for your continued labour service. You have helped in building Africa’s economy.

Let us make 2022 Labour Day a memorable one by abolishing laws that are against sex work and recognising sex work as labour/work.

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