Sex Worker Pride 2022

Today, Wednesday 14th September 2022 we celebrate Sex Worker Pride Day 2022.The day is meant to celebrate sex workers’ self-determination and show the achievements of sex worker-led organisations.

The theme of the Day is Sex Worker’s Diversity: Our Pride. 

 We commemorate this Day by highlighting sex workers’ diversity as our pride.

We mark the Day by celebrating sex workers achievements that we are proud of in form of texts, pictures, videos, sounds, or any other form.

In 2019, ASWA’s main partner NSWP inaugurated Sex Workers Pride Day  to showcase sex workers’ own ability to self-organize and also foster recognition and inclusion in all health and rights response

Sex Worker Pride is one of  the four international sex worker rights days observed every year:

3rd March (International Sex Workers Rights Day), 2nd June (International Sex Workers Day), and 17th December (International Day to end violence against sex workers)

We used the following hashtag #SexWorkerPride, #SexWorkersDiversity,


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