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We are accountable to our members and to our partners, and are always professional, committed and transparent in our work

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The African Sex Worker Alliance (ASWA) is a Pan African Alliance of sex worker-led groups that exist to strengthen their voices, to empower and to advocate for and advance the health and human rights of female, male and transgender sex workers including those living with HIV and using drugs through networking, movement building and development of partnerships. ASWA was formed in February 2009 with an initial membership drawn from 10 African countries. ASWA is a growing alliance of sex workers and sex worker partners seeking to contribute to social and economic justice for sex workers in Africa. Its vision is an empowered sex work industry where sex workers have equal access to human rights, social justice and health care in a dignified manner. Through this organizing ASWA presently has over 150 members from 35 African countries.

Grace Kamau

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He is an inspired human rights advocate who passionately resists forms of human rights abuses and oppression, particularly sexual and reproductive health, and rights (SRHR). He has extensive experience in advocacy, Capacity building.

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