🌟 Stand up for equality, dignity, and human rights! 🌟 It's time to end the stigma and discrimination against marginalized communities most at risk of HIV/AIDS. Young women, sex workers, transgender individuals, and gay men deserve to live free from judgment and discrimination. Let's enact laws that promote diversity and inclusion, ensuring everyone has access to healthcare and support without fear or prejudice. #endstigma #humanrights #HealthForAll #myreality ... See MoreSee Less
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Africa Leadership Sex Workers Academy (ALESWA)

ASWA’s New Sex Workers Academy: Africa Leadership Sex Workers  Academy (ALESWA) From September 2022, the African Sex Workers Alliance (ASWA), started a new knowledge and capacity model. The new training model is known as the Africa Leadership Sex Workers  Academy (ALESWA). ALESWA is informed by the emerging needs to expand…

Sex Workers Murder Monitoring Tool

ASWA has developed a sex workers’ murder monitoring tool for mapping murders and other violence cases against sex workers in Africa.The Sex Workers’ Murder Monitoring Tool was initiated in order to systematically monitor, collect and analyse reports of murders (homicides) and violence against sex workers in our continent. There is…


Through NSWP, ASWA was able to provide webcams to its members in 24 countries in Africa to help them document cases of violence, which have been on the rise since the outbreak of COVID-19, and also organise virtual online meetings. This also supported the improvement of documentation of ASWA members’…

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