Executive Director’s Greetings – 2017

Dear Members, Partners, Friends, and Allies of the African Alliance of Sex Workers ASWA, while hoping that the year has started on the right track!

As a pan-African alliance of organizations led by sex workers, we would like to bring to your attention the updating of work in progress at the beginning of the year.

The Strategic Plan 2017-2020

ASWA has completed the first phase of the implementation of its strategic plan covering the period 2013 to 2015. This milestone marked a significant achievement in the life of the alliance. This provided lessons that ASWA could use and provide guidance for the next five years, the 2017-2020 deadline. Through close consultations with sex workers, allies, donors and partners, ASWA has been able to develop an adequate, practical and budgetary plan covering the period 2017-2020. The strategic plan would ensure effective planning for the future of ASWA and enable it to leverage its strengths, paying particular attention to potential challenges and mitigating risks. It would also provide ASWA with a plan for the development of strong and sustainable leadership by proposing governance and management structures. The entire strategic plan development process was informed by internal reflections from staff and board members as well as information from a brief review of current practice.


There has been staff growth, two members have joined the ASWA team in our KP REACH program, whose implementation targets southern Africa. In addition, ASWA would seek to recruit new To integrate this dynamic team to support it in the execution of its work. We would like to encourage all sex workers across the continent to apply and apply for this position.

Sex Worker Academy Africa (SWAA)

In 2016, 126 sex workers from 14 African countries trained at this training workshop called the African Academy of Sex Workers. This revolutionary program aims to strengthen the capacity of sex workers in the field of rights across 47 African countries. It focuses on scaling up HIV response interventions and increasing the demand for and access to quality-based prevention services based on the rights and care of male and female sex workers And transgender and growth of HIV testing in line with the logic of reducing new infections among sex workers. The training curriculum is anchored on the implementation tool designed for sex workers. For the year 2017, ASWA intends to organize 4 sessions of the training workshops. A call for registration has already been launched, and we encourage sex workers to register.


ASWA is part of the KP REACH consortium, a key population program, Representation, Evidence and Change of Attitude for a Sanitary Impact. This program, which targets southern Africa, brings together the existing networks of the key population in the region (ASWA, AMSHeR, CAL, GenderDynamix) representing the communities of Men with Sexual Relations with Men, Sex Workers, Transgender, Women having Sex with Women and the recipients of this grant. This program (KP REACH) aims to strengthen existing and emerging networks and improve data collection, knowledge management, innovation and scale up as well as replicate best practices. This funding would also address the issue of stigma and discrimination as an obstacle to HIV prevention, screening and care and use of targeted messages and innovative approaches in order to achieve a change of mentality and bring about social change .

Hands Off!

This initiative, entitled “Hands Off!”, is supported financially by Aids Fonds, a Dutch organization, with the aim of helping to reduce violence against sex workers and reduce HIV infection due to Violence in Southern Africa. The program provides a comprehensive and collaborative approach for collaboration between sex workers, police, law enforcement and service providers in Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe To improve the living conditions and working conditions of sex workers and to identify and understand areas where their needs would call for support and enforcement and to work closely with the police to achieve an attitude Positive for sex workers. As a regional network, ASWA intends to involve its members in this program in 2017.

We are embarking on this new year 2017, as an organization that seeks to amplify the voice, promote, and protect sex workers working and living in Africa.

To all our members and partners, we want to thank you for your continued support and we look forward to working with you to help us achieve our ambitious vision with increased energy, commitment and energy from our members, programs and partnerships we have put in place In point over those years.

We thank you for believing in our vision.

Daughtie Ogutu

Executive Director


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