Patrick Fotso Talks About the Challenges of Being in a Grantmaking Committee

Recently, GrantCraft, a service of Foundation Center, interviewed Patrick Fotso, President of Alcondoms in Cameroon and who is also a member of the Red Umbrella International Steering Committee (ISC) on the challenges of grant-making.

One key feature of the fund is the fact that the decision on which groups to fund is made by representatives within the community. Known as participatory grant-making, Red Umbrella has ensured sex workers are not just mere spectators.

That is, those who are meant to benefit from grant-making are involved in the process.

Thus, Red Umbrella ensures that sex-workers are involved in two of the most important steps on who to fund.

The Programme Advisory Committee (PAC) – which is the Red Umbrella Fund’s peer review panel led by sex workers from across the world – reads all the eligible applications and makes a selection of groups to be prioritized for funding by the Red Umbrella Fund.

After theInternational Steering Committee (ISC), again with a majority of sex workers in its membership, approves the final selection the groups are contacted.

Listen to the interview here:

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