Welcome Note from our Regional Coordinator

Dear Esteemed Members, Partners and Funders.

African Sex Workers Alliance (ASWA) extends new year wishes to all our esteemed members, partners and funders. Sex workers network is only as strong as the people, organizations and the entire community who are a part of it. We are grateful to have such a self-motivated and dedicated community to work with. Thank you all for being a constant source of strength. It is an honor to lead the sex work community in Africa, a distinct privilege being funded and having partnered with you all.

Your dedication has brought us great projects, initiatives and results. Thank you for supporting us over the years as it has enabled us to get this far.

We wish for new beginnings and new hope in this new year. It is time to make new year resolutions that will help our community achieve her goals

Our vision is a world free of stigma and discrimination where sex work is recognized and protected as work and our mission is a Pan- African network of sex worker-led groups that amplifies the voices of sex workers, raises visibility and advocates for the human dignity of diverse community of sex workers working and living in Africa.2023 is an opportunity to recommit to implementing the mission to improve the lives of sex workers in Africa. We must maintain and increase our commitment to partnership, collaboration, advocacy, training, innovation, and resource mobilisation. As we head into the new year, we at ASWA embrace the challenge to advance the rights, health and wellbeing of our community. We are more than happy to continue supporting our community through targeted information dissemination, capacity strengthening, provision and linkage to technical assistance to ensure the community priorities form part of the agenda in the advocacy and implementation spaces.

With your esteemed membership, continued support and meaningful engagement, we will be off to a great start, we will work together and go forward into the new year with optimism and confidence that, united, we can achieve our shared vision of a better world for sex workers in Africa. So, let us rebuild better, thinking about sex workers in Africa who haven’t been reached with health, rights and other critical services and brainstorm new ways to break glass ceilings and increase their empowerment. Listen to sex workers and amplify their voices.

Let’s face all challenges with courage and see even better results and more impact. Let this year be the best yet, filled with efficiency and fruitfulness. May we grow our movement together to new heights. Those who are not afraid to take risks are always the ones who reach the top. May the year bring many opportunities for growth and prosperity.

Sex worker’s leadership is more critical than ever before. We will continue to open up vital discussions on how we can ensure greater sex worker’s representation and especially in leadership roles.

For sex workers visibility, we invite you to let us showcase your 2023 resolutions, vision, mission, projects, initiative, work or any other engagement.

We do have a wide range of engagement activities that are laid out for the year 2023 and these activities will range from; face-to-face meetings, webinars, newsletters, health and rights events and many more. This means that we will be reaching out to your esteemed organizations to explore areas of meaningful and collaboration.

From all of us at ASWA Secretariat, we wish you peace, joy, prosperity and health in the new year.

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