Zimbabwe Sex Workers Alliance National Coordinator: Gregory Brighton Kata Profile

  • Kindly tell us who you are in the most comfortable way

My name is Gregory Brighton Kata. I am the founder and the national coordinator of the Zimbabwe Sex Workers Alliance-Facebook. I am 34 years old and a proud male Sex worker. I also served as one of the African representatives to the Global Network of Sex Work Project Board (NSWP)

  • What motivated you to engage in sex work project?

I am passionate about sex workers rights and in ensuring that they get their rights in terms of access to health, justice and that sex work will be recognized as work like any other work

  • What are your strengths and how do you use them to build the sex workers movement?

I am persistent and unrelenting. I am a tireless advocate. I am working tirelessly to see sex work being decriminalized in Zimbabwe at all levels of society as this will positively establish a new morality that reshapes public perception which has for long been a social hazard.

  • How do you want the sex workers, sex work and sex work projects to look like in the future?

 A decriminalized environment and an improved working conditions of sex work industry, changed perceptions of the public about sex work and incentivized other players contributing positively to the welfare of the sex workers.

  • What is your message for both the sex workers and sex work leaders who have newly entered in the field of sex work and people outside the sex work movement?

There is need to look beyond the limited morality debate  and understand its underpinning which results into repressions of society and a decriminalized environment which significantly increases  the abuses that sex workers go through. 

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