UN Women Executive Director fuels stigma by calling sex work the most desperate job

ASWA expresses  solidarity with our member in South Africa  Sisonke, the national movement of sex workers to condemn the sentiments conveyed by United Nations Executive Director Women, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka saying ‘’we do not think that this is something that most women do out of the love for this job, this is the most desperate job and most unhealthy thing and the most undignified thing to any women.’’

Sex workers voluntarily choose sex work and are not forced by anyone as opposed to the case with human trafficking where consent is not engaged. We choose sex work because sex work is work and it provides support for us and  our families. Sex work  builds economies  just like any other work.  Therefore imputing that sex workers are desperate and doing unhealthy and undignified thing is totally uncalled for.

Sex workers personally choose sex work as it is a personal decision which MUST be RESPECTED.


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