1st African Leadership Sex Workers Academy (ALESWA): Day 3 Highlights

South Africa Team


The day 3 of the 1st ALESWA wrapped up on Sunday with the Faculty Team hands on various topics, ranging from research methodology and principles of data collection to body language and Unique Identifier Codes (UIC).

Malawi Team

During the session on the knowledge and capacity building on methodology for community-led research consultations,it was discussed that the participants must always be provided with the purpose of the consultations as well as enough information on data gathering process.

It was said that the participants of the interview should understand the purpose of the interview and the interviewers should have an informed consent from the participants.

Interview on the impact of ALESWA

The following side event took place :
Shooting of videos and Interviews on the impact that ALESWA will have on sex workers in Africa.

The South African team expressed that ALESWA is a key training model which will empower many sex workers in Africa.

Key take away messages;

  1. Research methodology was defined as simply the practical way of data gathering while ensuring valid and reliable results that address the project aims and objectives.
  2. Sex workers should be fully prepared when conducting interview during community consultations.
  3. Body Language; the words we say account for only a 7% role in communication, the tone of our voice plays a 38% but body language plays a 55% role in communication. Body language is very important in communication.
  4. The interviewers should ask for permission to record or take notes and inform the participants of the approximate duration of the interview.
  5. The interview should focus on the questions laid out in the questionnaire and developed and agreed by the Sex Worker Consortium.
  6. The interview participants will be allocated a Unique Identifier Codes (UIC) to protect their anonymity and confidentiality.
  7. The data collection-enquiry framework on human rights frameworks, social protection, and sexual and reproductive health and rights will support sex workers collect real data which will be used in advocacy.

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